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A revolution in digital transformation

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CDS is a trusted Appian Partner with a large, highly skilled team of consultants, developers and designers creating innovative Business Process Management (BPM) and transformation projects.

We use Appian to revolutionise the speed, flexibility and cost of developing Enterprise applications. And deliver powerful business applications up to 20x faster.

So we can help integrate your legacy systems with ease – using Appian as ‘digital glue’. Or build new applications from the ground up.

Using Appian to build the solutions your business needs to grow, thrive and digitally transform – to the tightest timescales.

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Why choose Appian

With Appian we can deliver the speed of enterprise low-code development together with the power of industry-leading intelligent automation. Appian combines business process management, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, data and integrations into intelligent automation. That’s why Appian has been named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Process Management Suites nine consecutive times, and as a Leader in Forrester’s Low-Code software. It’s the secret weapon to put your Digital Transformation on the fast track.

Three great ways Appian can support your business

Low-code development platform

Appian low code enterprise application platform saves time and money - with business applications built, developed and deployed up to 20x faster.

Business process management

Update and digitise your business process management system. Stop working in silos and transform your business operations with Appian.

Digital case management software

Simplify workflows and digitise case management. Stop relying on spreadsheets and have instant digital access to the information you need.