Addressing inclusivity in the financial sector

The time to act is now. Those who do, will reap the benefits of prioritising people. Those who don’t will be left behind.

The inclusion of vulnerable groups is one of the main priorities of financial services

The issues raised and discussed in this report are more important than ever. As we prepare for a post-Covid world, there is an opportunity for financial institutions to become a trusted life partner by embracing inclusivity and focussing on customer needs.

We believe the future of the finance industry lies in inclusion. By adopting an inclusive approach, financial institutions have the opportunity to improve the financial landscape and make a real impact on people’s lives.

As an agency we strive to make a positive difference in everything we do and in 2019, commissioned a piece of research through YouGov to examine how people feel about the communications they receive. This report seeks to take that research further and examine where the opportunities lie for those in the finance industry to positively affect the people they serve.

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Addressing Inclusivity in the Financial Sector