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Our partner ecosystem

Our partners

Here at CDS, we have the pleasure of working with brilliant partners including several Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders. Together we have delivered game-changing, even life-changing, results.

As proud as we are of our network of partners, it's important to note we are technology agnostic. We will always recommend the solution we believe is best for you. We are constantly researching and evaluating the latest technology.


Application development – a revolution in digital transformation

Appian delivers capabilities enterprises need to achieve true digital transformation in a unified low-code automation platform. The platform makes it 20x faster to develop and build applications to solve complex business problems.

CDS is a trusted Appian partner with a highly skilled team of consultants, developers and designers creating innovative Business Process Management (BPM) and transformation projects.

With Appian, we can deliver the speed of enterprise low-code development together with the power of industry-leading intelligent automation. Appian combines business process management, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, data and integrations into intelligent automation.

CDS’ experience includes using Appian’s low code platform to digitally transform regulatory body, Social Work England, and build a solution that could serve as the exemplar for all regulatory bodies.


Powerful business intelligence software

MicroStrategy provides powerful software solutions and expert services that empower every individual with actionable intelligence.

Together with MicroStrategy our mission is to make every enterprise a more intelligent enterprise.

CDS is a fully-certified MicroStrategy partner, licensed re-seller and business intelligence consultant. With over 10 years of in-house experience in delivering MicroStrategy, we are the ideal partner for any BI project.


Empowering customer engagement

At the heart of the digital experience ecosystem, Optimizely is the ideal choice for digital leaders who want to drive digital transformation in their organisation and deliver standout experiences for customers – everywhere they choose to engage.

Optimzely is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (WCM).

CDS are one of only a handful of ISO 20000 certified Optimizely Premium Solution Partners. Our experienced web development team have delivered ground-breaking projects, including using Optimizely to build SOH the single digital platform for all UK policing.


BI, analytics, and reporting

Data is an integral part of communication; without it, siloed teams can often spend time producing their own reports, which don’t always tally and align with other teams’ data.

Panintelligence is a central dashboard which connects directly to other software – whether that’s your core product or third-party systems – to create one true source, where everyone in an organisation who needs access to data can easily gain it.

CDS has partnered with Panintelligence to enable us to provide its market-leading software. The Panintelligence software suite is comprised of three modules: the central dashboard, a report builder and scheduler, and the predictive analytics module.


Powerful Open Source CMS

Umbraco is a flexible, secure Open Source CMS, that powers 730,000+ websites online.

Projects come in different shapes and sizes, with different needs and requirements; that's why Umbraco’s CMS is kept neat and open. Content should be easy, simple and friendly to create and edit.

CDS is a trusted Umbraco Gold Partner, and our 170-strong team of multi-award-winning experts is ready to deliver the most complex Umbraco projects successfully.

We used Umbraco CMS to build the Social Work England website.