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Welcome to all users of the Queen's University Belfast contract for the Provision of Print Management, Reprographic and Graphic Design Services.

CDS are Queen’s University Belfast’s appointed print supplier for all reprographics work, business stationery, printed materials and publications.

We operate from the CDS Print and Repro Centre on Level 1 of the Administration Building on the Main Campus. From this location, we offer consultancy, print management, digital black and white and full-colour printing and photocopying along with finishing services.

Our remit under the contract is to reduce print costs, help the University meet its environmental objectives and ensure an efficient, flexible and robust print procurement process.

We will source all of your printing requirements – from single colour forms through to glossy full-colour publications, as well as providing supplementary services such as fulfilment and direct mail, exhibition and display material and promotional items.

We also provide advice and creative solutions to help you engage with your audience using digital communications, e.g. interactive PDFs with hyperlinks to external documents, e-zines and distribution of soft copy on memory sticks. We will advise where these solutions can be used instead of print or alongside printed material for a cross-media approach.

Creative Solutions

CDS are also approved providers of Graphic Design Services to the University. We apply the University’s brand whilst taking the opportunity to provide a creative role and an innovative approach to working with your corporate identity.


Your account manager, Jonathan Ridgway, is available to provide advice and guidance on all services provided by CDS.

Jonathan will review your requirement and advise on formats and papers, including those with recycled content as well as artworking and graphic design options.

Contact Jonathan to discuss your requirement in whichever way you prefer – by phone, email or a face-to-face meeting. Jonathan can meet with you at your office or alternatively at CDS’ meeting facilities in the Print and Repro Centre, Level 1, Administration Building.

Contact Details

Jonathan Ridgway - Account Manager

T: 028 9072 7757
M: 07960 430 802
E: jonathan.ridgway@cds.co.uk

Digital print facility

Based at Level 1, Administration Building, Main Campus, the CDS Print & Repro Centre specialises in high speed digital black and white and full-colour printing and photo-copying direct from your hard copy, disk or files submitted electronically.

Printing is possible on a wide range of materials and we provide finishing services as well – everything you need to produce a report, brochure, presentation, manual, leaflet or any other document you require.

Our service is flexible and robust, with pricing options for 24, 48 and 72-hour turnarounds. As charges are higher for quicker turnaround times, departments are urged to place their order as soon as possible prior to the date on which the job is required.

The Repro Price List details the agreed fixed rates for printing and finishing services offered from the facility.

If you require a repro job (black and white/colour copying) please complete the Repro Job ticket order form and either email it with your order or submit it together with your hardcopy.

You can also choose to call into the Print & Repro Centre and complete the order form by hand. Ask for assistance if you need help specifying your print requirements.

The facility is open from 8.45am to 5.15pm Monday to Friday.

Contact details

Internal Extension: x3096
Direct Line: 028 9031 3865
Email: qub@cds.co.uk

The dedicated team on site are:

  • Dave McLaughlin, Team Leader
  • Anthony McCaughley, Senior Operator

CDS Print and Repro Centre

Here you will see a list of our services and the typical products we produce under our contract with Queen’s.

If you require something that is not on the list please contact us, we may still be able to help.

Printing services
  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Leaflets/flyers
  • Forms
  • Pads
  • Labels
  • Posters
  • Large format
  • Business stationery
  • Black and white and full colour
  • Single and double sided
  • A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 sizes
  • Tinted papers and card
  • White paper from 80gsm to 300gsm
Related Services
  • Litho print
  • Artworking
  • Fulfilment
  • Direct mail
  • Exhibition and display material
  • Promotional items
Finishing services
  • Folding and stapling
  • Comb and wiro binding
  • Laminating
  • Drilling
  • Booklet stitching
  • Perfect binding
  • Thesis binding
  • Thermal binding
  • Collating

Print Management services

Print procurement can be a challenging and time consuming task. You need expertise and knowledge to choose the best print solution; and buying power and constant market testing to ensure value for money.

That’s where we come in. Your dedicated CDS account manager, Jonathan Ridgway, will analyse your print requirement and identify areas where you can get more value from your budget.

We will take the hassle out of print procurement, freeing you to spend your time on core activities.

We will provide you with the best market price for every product you require and manage its production using our carefully vetted suppliers, to ensure it is delivered on time and within budget.

CDS will provide you with a quotation for approval before undertaking any print management and related service.

If you choose to place an order, you will be required to supply your Project Code. You can either do this through our web based print management system, Print Portal, or alternatively complete the Print Management Order form. This can then be emailed to your CDS contact named as the Buyer on the quotation.

Print specification (the info we need)

When placing an order for print the following is a checklist of minimum detail required to produce a specification:

  • Quantity
  • Finished size e.g. 1/3-A4, A5, A4, non-standard size
  • Number of pages
  • Colours eg single, two or full colour
  • Materials eg coated, uncoated, tinted, recycled paper
  • Finishing eg folded, saddle-stitched, perfect bound
  • Delivery instructions
  • Other factors such as your budget, target audience and how quickly you need the finished document should be considered.

Based on this information we can help you by suggesting alternative printed formats. You may also want to consider whether a purely electronic version is the best option.

If you are unsure of how to prepare a print enquiry, Jonathan will meet with you to produce a specification for your requirement.

For reprints please provide the original document as an example if possible.

Graphic Design

If you need to engage, persuade, inspire and inform your audience with creatively designed communications, we are here to help you.

We apply the University’s brand whilst taking the opportunity to provide a creative role and where appropriate, suggest fresh ideas, new looks and an innovative approach to working with your corporate identity. We adapt to your needs and specialise in designs that meet both your requirements and those of the target audience.

We deliver design solutions for brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters, exhibition materials and non-print media. Account Manager, Jonathan, will be able to advise on which solution best meets the creative brief.

Jonathan will meet with you to take an accurate brief and then produce a properly considered quotation with production timescales. This process ensures that both CDS and you have a clear picture of what the project entails.

CDS has won many awards for design over the years, and we are proud that the feedback from our awards not only comment on imaginative use of design, but also that the message is being effectively communicated.


CDS also provide the University with artworking services. This differs from graphic design as it is the layout of text and images within a pre-determined style or the updating of existing artwork whilst graphic design is creative conceptual work. Your account manager will be able to advise which category your requirement falls under.

CDS offer a fast, accurate and professional service for the creation of a wide range of printed and electronic documents. We will layout your copy within the University’s Corporate Identity Guidelines ensuring your published material is compliant. We can also amend existing artwork when supplied in its original format.

Fulfilment and distribution

We are experienced at managing everything from single sheet insertions through to complex multi-page insertions.

We will advise on how the individual components of your mailing can be produced in order to attain the most efficient fulfilment method and will manage the process through to mailing.

We also provide pick and pack services for non-standard items as well as personalisation of material.

Display and exhibition material

Whether you need a large poster, signage, or an exhibition stand we can help.

It is often beneficial to discuss your display and exhibition material needs with your account manager during the early planning stages. There are so many different options in the market place today. CDS will be able to guide you and provide advice on best value solutions.

The Pop-Ups and Posters Price List details images, specifications and pricing of some of the most popular products.

Accessible documents facility

Through our partner Visual Access NI, CDS can provide large print, Braille or audio versions of your material ensuring compliance with Disability Legislation.

We can also provide DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System), Digital Talking Books which meet the information and reading needs of those who cannot read printed material.


A Guide to Print Services

How to order

Project Codes are to be supplied when placing any order. The project code supplied will be charged with the cost, as outlined in the quotation.

For Reprographics Work, you are required to supply the project code on the Repro Job Ticket when placing your order. Orders are to be emailed to qub@cds.co.uk.

For Print Management jobs, you are required to complete the Print Management Order Form and email it to your CDS contact named as the Buyer on the quotation.

For Business Stationery, complete either the Business Card Order Form or the Business Stationery Order Form depending on your requirement and email it to qub@cds.co.uk.

For Graphic Design Work, you are required to complete the Graphic Design Order Form and email it to your CDS contact named as the Buyer on the quotation.

The charging process will be undertaken by the Purchasing Office, on or around the 8th of each month. As such, transactions undertaken up until the last day of the previous month will be allocated for charging the following month and so on.

Business stationery

CDS provides the University with all of their stationery requirements. This includes letterhead, continuation sheets, compliment slips, business cards and envelopes.

Pricing for business stationery is based on the market value at the point when CDS replenishes stock. This means pricing will change. It is therefore important to download a new order form at the time of ordering to get the most up-to-date pricing.


Stationery order forms


Please look through the list of contacts below to find the right person to deal with your requirement.

Print Management

Account Manager

Jonathan Ridgway
T: 028 9072 7757
M: 07960 430 802
E: jonathan.ridgway@cds.co.uk

Account Executive

Gareth Morton
T: 028 9072 7758
E: gareth.morton@cds.co.uk


David McLaughlin
T: 028 9031 3865
E: qub@cds.co.uk

Anthony McCaughey
T: 028 9031 3865
E: qub@cds.co.uk


Below you will find a list of the all the Guides, Price Lists and Order Forms for download.


Business Stationery order forms

Business Stationery examples

Other order forms

Price lists

Request a call back

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